When you have the unfortunate luck of being taken from the Nexus for indentured servitude in Hell, you become initiated into the ranks of the lowly and despised Weepers. For it is the destiny of the majority of these unfortunate souls to live out their lives as nothing more than a commodity to be traded and bartered like so much organic currency. As they are ferried by the O.C.T.s (Organic Cargo Transport), or Weeper Wagons as they are more commonly known, they usually begin to weep. Often wondering what unfair circumstance has caused them to end up in such a place. Unbeknownst to them, circumstance has nothing to do with where you end up after you die.

After processing, these souls are then sold to all the various industries as cheap labor and entertainment.

Whether it be a Janitor in a Sewage plant to a Coolant cleaner in a Nuclear Reactor to a conductor in a plasma conduit or a clown for kiddie parties, Weepers are the foremost commodity in all the know realities. Thus, acquisition of the more valuable Weepers has become a dangerous business. From Assassination to Sabotage and Corporate Espionage, the Weeper trade has become a silent war between existences fought by shadows and acknowledged by no one.

It is not total damnation for all Weepers though. There are those few Weepers who have managed to win their independence and freedom for slavery. These elite few have come to form their own social order in the class structure of Hell. Regarded as second class citizens and usually treated as such, these new citizens have created an entire subculture to call their own and very few have achieved success in the Demon-dominated corporate world. A minority none the less, these “burned in” Weepers now live a low class lifestyle amongst the native elite. Now even the most racists of all Hell’s natives cannot deny the socio-economic value of these new citizens.