If Webster's dictionary had an entry for FAT LAZY BOOZED UP MEXICAN, Dawg & Luscious' pictures would be right underneath. These guys idea of a good time is a nice couch or floor with plush rug and a six pack with some chicken tenders. Sweet and Sour sauce a must. Being in and out of Jails (Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian, American, Canadian and for some reason a jail in Sweden after a Type O Negative concert), the Brothers have had their shares of mortal adventures. After an unfortunate incident involving a Mazda Miata, a half a bottle of Wild Turkey, a Keg of Bud, a length of Bungee Cord, two gallons of industrial grade dish washing detergent (Pine Scented), a stuffed Donkey, an Allman Brother's tour Bus and a School Bus full of Nuns; the Brothers found themselves in a transit station in Hell awaiting confinement inside the gates. Feeling bored with all the drama, the brothers kicked the crap out of a Process Teller and walked into the wastelands. After a few weeks of searching they found a nice patch of dirt and sand to call home. After being found by BRIMSTONE, the boys decided to become Borderhounds (to get laid, so far no success). Now they spend their days going after Weepers and Kittens and finding themselves. DAWG has taken up light beer and LUSCIOUS has started watching lots of musicals and wearing clothes and accessories that bring out his eyes.