The members of the Fire House unit come from the great lava cities of the volcanic region of the Wasteland. From birth, their people are raised to manipulate Forza Infernis (powers of the wasteland). A skill lost to the majority of the natives of the Wasteland, the people of the volcanic regions have honed the skill throughout the centuries in order to cope with the some of the harshest of living conditions in the Wasteland. They can manipulate Magma and any other superheated material as a weapon or means of transport. They can fly by using their Forza Infernis. Led by Ferno, the team is an expert Borderhound squad that has been known to work privately for the Corporation’s board. To them, being a Borderhound is a privilege with a proud tradition that they honor above anything else. They operate with a strict code of conduct and feel that doing anything to betray that code is unthinkable. They are samurai in their discipline and code, which is in stark contrast to many of the other Borderhound units.