Christopher T. Farquis was born into a life of privilege. Being the son of a wealthy Surf Board manufacturer, Christopher was given everything he wanted and lived in luxury in mansions with fancy cars. After graduating from Harvard Business school, Farquis became head of his Father's company and turned it into one of the largest in the world. That is, until Chris's illegal bookkeeping and corrupt practices led to the company being raided by Wall Street and all assets liquidated. Christopher's perfect little world had been shattered and has was reduced to utter poverty. Something snapped. After a large fire, it was assumed that Christopher Farquis had died by his own hand, he didn't. Between the year 1997 & 2001, New York City was in the grip of fear. A serial killer had been systematically murdering and cannibalizing stock brokers and their families. Whoever was unfortunate enough to discover the aftermath would find the half eaten corpses of men, women and children left at home to rot and the chilling moniker of "HOSTILE " carved into all of their lower backs with large spiked bladed weapon. The NYPD and Press would dub him MR. HOSTILE and he would murder 22 Families, a total of 95 people. After months of investigation, the Police turned up nothing. It took a rogue rookie police officer to hunt him down and finally capture him and put an end to his reign of terror. After a very public trial, Hostile was sentenced to die but not before being shot 314 times, while trying to escape execution, in a shootout with NYPD, FBI, SWAT, CIA, NSA, NRA, PTA and a few people from the local NAACP. It took the Medical Examiner 6 hours to find and remove all of the bullets during the autopsy. Mr. Hostile would go down in history as one of the most brutal serial killers in history. When Mr. Hostile entered Hell, his madness that was our reality suddenly disappeared and the calm, fair minded, sensitive, fiscally brilliant and most of all sane mind of Christopher Farquis returned after years of dormancy. The man who skyrocket his Father's company to the top of the game and was at one time worth over 21 billion dollars awoke for the first time since his company was raided in a hostile takeover (hence the psychosis).Unaware of what he had done, yet totally respected by the administration, Farquis quickly rose in the corporate world of Hell and became the head Supervisor of the Department of Retrieval. He also sits on the board of BankCorp. It seemed that the insanity to us that is Hell, was sanity to him. Whilst in Hell, everything to Chris makes sense, on our reality he goes mad and becomes Mr. Hostile once more. Therefore the powers that are have forbidden him to travel to our existence for at least 8 centuries, or until the Apocalypse which ever comes first.