theBORDERHOUNDS is in the process of putting together an online radio station 'WHELL' where BORDERHOUNDS fav 'Chavez Raoul' will be spinning signed & unsigned bands 24 hours a day!!! We are in the process of hooking it up, however not sure ex...actly how long it will take to get it up and running. You can see we already have it in progress if you go to ANYWAY... We are now taking submissions for unsigned, as well as signed bands that are looking for somewhere to be heard!!!

BETTER YET: Want YOUR music available on a “Borderhounds Soundtrack” that will be released for purchase on iTunes? The BEST 12-15 Tracks submitted will have the opportunity to be included on the downloadable album! ALL submissions MUST be of professional quality to be considered! SO... PLEASE send this page to ALL your friends, family, neighbors, creepy guy down the street... whomever you may think could be interested in this opportunity! All the bands who are submitting... make sure to have all your friends and fans LIKE the Borderhounds “Official Facebook” page so they will know when visit our “Official Website” in order to vote for you! They will ONLY be able to VOTE for the semi-finalists there!!! Borderhounds themed music is appreciated but NOT necessary in order to be included on WHELL or the iTunes contest.

The way to submit your music is quite simple...

1) Your submission MUST be your own (and/or) you must be a representative FOR the band itself.

2) You can send a total of 2 tracks per Band.

3) We will need an electronic file in the form of preferably MP3.

4) Please send your submissions directly to

    a) When sending e-mail… please be sure to include the name of the Band, all members, names of the tracks & album track is from (if any), genre of music (Metal, Hardcore, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Ska, Punk, Funk, Death, Jazz, etc…), contact info, and a Band picture.

    b) Please be sure to include a note that gives permission to use your music.

5) If your music is going to be used, you will receive an e-mail prior to the launch of WHELL.

6) Due to the various ages of our visitors… Please be sure to send us the already radio edited versions of your tracks (an a**hole here or there is not a big deal, although we'd prefer it to be quasi-clean).

7) You MUST be a LIKE'r of this page to be considered (it has to be at least a little about us too right?)

We look forward to hearing from all you Indie Groups… We will only be accepting submissions for a limited amount of time, so please be sure to get them over to us as soon as possible!!!


-The Borderhounds Team