As the lowly feeble souls prepare for their inevitable damnation beyond the gates of Doom, they look for a savior, a voice to lead them to redemption. Unfortunately, the first voice they hear is that of the funkiest hard-core DJ in all the known realities. Little is known about the origin of this funkadelic Master of the airwaves. Before Chavez came on the scene, turning on your Radio in Hell meant an endless stream of annoying Swedish Whaling Songs (often used to torture the new arrivals). But ever since the Mastah Blastah arrived, nothing but good old rock 'n roll and Heavy Metal 66 hours a day. Now Chavez has dominated the ratings becoming an all out inter-dimensional super-star. No matter what goes on in or around Hell, Chavez Raoul is the CNN, NPR, MSNBC and ESPN of it all.