Born and raised in Queens, William “Billy” Altar was always an American and a New Yorker. From birth Billy was taught to be a good person, a good citizen and a good Muslim.  Upon graduating High School, he married his high school sweetheart and a year and a half later, they had a son.  But one fateful day in September of 2001 altered his life forever.  After losing his father that dark day Billy decided to honor his father, his faith and his family by becoming a cop.  He attended the New York Police Academy and finally achieved his goal by becoming an NYPD Patrolman. Being a Muslim in the NYPD, Billy found it hard to be accepted. Alienated by his partners, Billy became accustomed to working on his own often making arrests without any backup. Wanting more, Billy entered night school to earn a degree in criminal psychology and law. 

Between the year 2002 and 2003, New York City was in the grip of fear. A serial killer had been systematically murdering and cannibalizing stock brokers and their families. Whoever was unfortunate enough to discover the aftermath would find the half eaten corpses of men, women and children left at home to rot and the chilling moniker of "HOSTILE” carved into all of their lower backs with large spiked blade. The NYPD and Press would dub him MR. HOSTILE and he would murder 22 Families, a total of 95 people. After several unsuccessful investigations, the NYPD & FBI had exhausted every possible lead and fear ran rampant throughout the Wall Street community. Unlike his fellow law enforcement counterparts, Altar began researching his own profile of the serial killer. Drawn to the case by something he could not quite understand, Altar began having a strange insight into the killer's behavior, able to predict patterns and movements. Altar became convinced that Mr. Hostile was in fact a former Businessman that went insane and was believed dead by suicide. The brass scoffed at the inexperienced rookie's theories and Altar was censured by his superiors. Quickly becoming the laughing stock of his precinct, Altar decided to capture Mr. Hostile on his own. After weeks of using his new found "intuition", Altar tracked Mr. Hostile to an apartment building and was ambushed. After a near fatal confrontation, Altar was left to die, but not before Hostile made it clear that Altar’s family would pay the price for his “hostility”.  With near superhuman strength and will, Altar managed to get himself home but was too late to intervene.  When help arrived, they found an unconscious mad serial killer shot multiple times and an unconscious rookie police officer, near dead. During the 7 hour surgery to repair his wounds, William Altar died for eight minutes on the operating table. In those eight minutes, Billy had an experience that would forever change his life. Altar felt what life after death was really like and touched another reality before being swallowed up and awakening on the operating table, alive. After months of recovery, psychological treatment and the pain of losing his wife and son, he finally returned to work at the NYPD. There, Altar was treated like a Hero by his superiors in order to exploit his arrest for the media. To keep Altar quiet, about the boss's lack of support, he was promoted to Detective and placed in the Special Investigations unit hunting down killers like Mr. Hostile. Since then, life has been a bittersweet existence for Altar, always on his own and constantly tracking serial murderers while trying to cope and understand his "death" experience.  Now Altar has become even more alienated from his fellow police officers than before. Regarded as a weirdo by his superiors and mutually loathed by his fellow detectives, mainly because of his Muslim heritage, Altar continues to track down NY's most notorious and lethal serial killers by himself. Hoping to finally understand his supernatural intuition, and find the answers about his "death".