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Hound Comics would like to ask all our fans to make sure they check out Thiago's clothing line called Tretacore. They have killer designs for those of you who are into dark art... Check them out at http://www.Tretacore.com


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"Brimstone and The Borderhounds"

The Borderhounds Team is very proud to announce the achievement of inking a deal with the world's leading bookstore retailer, "Barnes & Noble" for the distribution of Hound Comics!
This will warrant a re-release of Issue #1 that will be available in B&N locations this December.  Hound Comics should have details on available locations in the coming weeks.  Please make sure to support our efforts with this retailer. 

Now Available on
Hound Comics is now available on Amazon.com the leading online retailer!

Click HERE to get yours NOW!


Hound Comics

is proud to announce its partnership with Floating Pear Productions, LLC in order to produce "Brimstone and The Borderhounds: The Animated Series".  "We have been anticipating the production of the Borderhounds Animated Series for quite some time now; we are ecstatic about working with Dee and Damon at Floating Pear!" says Brimstone.  Hound Comics co-founder Sajad Shah states, "The overall look and feel of the characters so far is GREAT!  I can't wait to see the final product!" 
We are JUST as excited to have secured the animated series theme music 'Piranha' from Guitarist, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal of Guns N' Roses!  Between the phenomenal animation and awesome title track; Floating Pear and Hound Comics anticipate a successful joint venture.

Stay tuned for more info and a sneak peek of the title sequence in the coming weeks.

We are proud to say that our launch event at Borders Books was a tremendous success!!!  We would like to send a warm thank you out to all our friends, family and fans who made their way out to support us on Halloween weekend.  We even had a special visit by Borderhounds fan, Claire Unabia of America's Next Top Model!  The event was SO successful in fact, that the Borderhounds team will be making signing appearances across the country at Borders Books & Waldenbooks!  Keep checking our appearances section on the website to find out when we will be in YOUR area... we would love to meet you!


As if finally launching "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" wasn't enough... Hound Comics will be releasing the first of many side stories that will all blend into the overall "Borderhound Universe."  The first book currently in production is titled, "Necrocide" and will be a spotlight on  the Hounds' colorist, "Thiago Castro."  Thiago will be penciling, inking, coloring and lettering the book with the story by Hounds writer "M.H. Carnevali."  This comic will certainly stand out as the colors are being done solely in the oil-on-canvas style!  "We are excited that we can offer the opportunity to not only put out another great story, but to spotlight each of our team's strong points" says Brimstone.  Keep your eyes peeled for Necrocide in the coming months...

"Brimstone and The Borderhounds" was a success in it's Pennsylvania debut at Mr Hush Weekend of Fear that took place in Matamoras PA October 23rd & 24th, 2010.  Brimstone's friends stop by to support the "Hounds" including Ken Sagoes (Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4 - What's Happening 'Darryl'), Andrew Bryniarski (Burn Notice, Texas Chainsaw Massacre "Leatherface") & Gary Klar (Day of the Dead). Always a positive to have these guys support what you do!!!

He gives it a HIGH five BRUDDAH!!!

WWE Legend Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka endorses The Borderhounds!

An advance copy of "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" was given to WWE Legend Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka at his request... Rumour has it, Jimmy 'may' be making a cameo in an upcoming issue of the Hounds. Stay tuned for any major details that may arise!!!

**Breaking News!!!**

It's official, "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" the video game is currently in production by our affiliates SGN Games. Lead developer Patrick Barrett reached out to the Borderhounds camp today requesting level concept designs from 'Hounds Penciler, Sajad Shah. Lead 'Hounds writer. Marcello Carnevali has been hard at work finalizing the storyline for the game as the plans are to keep the plot separate from the initial four part series, but true to the overall universe. Heather Leslie Castillo of SGN is reportedly hard at work transforming the entrance to hell into a three dimensional work of art! "We are VERY excited to see how the electronic version of the Borderhounds takes form," states Brimstone, "We have been anticipating this for a very long time!" More details as they become available...


As an available option for our fans who prefer to buy "green," The Borderhounds Team just secured deals with DriveThruComics.com, MyDigitalComics.com & WOWIO.com  to offer Digital versions of the "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" comics which will be listed under "Hound Comics" and are AVAILABLE NOW!!!




The Borderhounds Team is currently in discussions with Shocker Toys about the potential addition of "Brimstone" in one of the upcoming Indie Spotlight (Comic book heroes) Series. Indie Spotlight is a VERY popular growing 6" scale action figure series (3rd only among Marvel Legends and DC Universe) representing independent comic book characters. The toy line features collector friendly packaging and accessories and is available online and at various retail locations including Toys R' Us.  Brimstone and Shocker Toys President, Geoff Beckett will be teasing this alliance at Wizard World New England on October 16th & 17th, 2010 where a LIMITED run of ADVANCED copies of "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" will be available for purchase and signing at the Shocker Booth #300.  Looks as though this may be a match made in HELL folks... Stay tuned!!

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Ladies... Gents... Weepers... Whatever the Hell you are... You need to join the Official "Got Chicken?" Fan Club!!! All you BORDERHOUND fans know that the lovable LUSCIOUS has a special soft spot for the grease based food... Be the first on your block to own a "Got Chicken?" Button, Shirt, G-String, or Bumper Sticker!!! Go to the BORDERHOUNDS Swag Shop at cafepress.com/borderhounds to get your own piece of Chicken Based love and some of the hottest gear from the Netherworld!!!

Wanna Get On Our Site? Here's How...

**To get YOUR pic on www.theBORDERHOUNDS.com go to cafepress.com/borderhounds and order ANYTHING...

Then, take a picture of yourself, your grandma, or even your cat wearing it... and we will put your picture in a special gallery on the site... Looking forward to those pics!!!**

We are looking to beef up the web site, so we are looking for 'Fan Art'. Anyone who would like to submit artwork including Brimstone, Dawg, or Luscious will have thier work proudly displayed on www.theBORDERHOUNDS.com . We love to see how others interpret our characters, so keep those works of art coming!!!

(Please e-mail submissions to TheBorderhounds@gmail.com.)

Uh Oh Artists... The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down!!!

I've been getting messages & e-mails from some New York artists basically throwing down the Gauntlet stating that they can draw theBORDERHOUNDS characters better than any other state...

That is some SERIOUS accusations there people!!!

LOL... I guess we will see!!! How about when we put up everyone's submissions... We have a bit of a contest to see:

1) Which Artist's Rendition is the Fan Favorite.

2) Which State gets the most votes.

I think this could get ugly... Maybe we will think up some kind of prize or something... I suppose first we will see how many submissions we receive!

**For those of you who have NO clue what is going on... www.theBORDERHOUNDS.com is looking to beef up it's site, so we are looking for Pro-Artists, Amatuer Artists, and fans to send in Pin-Up's of ANY BORDERHOUNDS character in any, and all styles! We will put up all submissions on the site in a special Gallery, and add your name, and website with your art.**

Please e-mail submissions to TheBorderhounds@gmail.com.

EVERYONE!!! Make sure to stop by HEAVEN (fine dining) and sign-up for theBORDERHOUNDS Message Boards... Hell... it's FREE!!!

How would you like to have your favorite BORDERHOUND LIVE at your Event, Store, Party, or Grand Opening? Your favorite characters are available IN PERSON for autograph sessions & general appearances!!! Imagine the possibilities! Characters available are Brimstone, Dawg, Luscious, Hostile, & Jellyfishman. Rates vary pending on location. Please inquire by e-mailing TheBorderhounds@gmail.com.

www.theBORDERHOUNDS.com is now BARTERING, and SELLING Advertising space on the site itself!!! If you're looking to expose your company, or products in a unique, and inexpensive manner... Give us a shot we won't let you down!!! We offer ads on the site, product placement, personal character endorsed products, character product partnering, etc. Our team of professionals will accommodate you in any way possible!!! Contact us at: TheBorderhounds@gmail.com.

TheBorderhounds.com is also welcoming Corporate Sponsorship, Advertising, and Trade. Please inquire by e-mailing EntranceToHell@gmail.com.

We have confirmed that The Borderhounds will have a special celebrity guest making an appearance in issue #4!!!  That's right... Robb Demarest of Syfy's Ghost Hunters International will be hitting the pages of "Brimstone and The Borderhounds" as a character!!!  Stay tuned for more information as is becomes available RIGHT HERE in Words from the Wasteland.