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Sajad Shah

Sajad A. Shah was born in Miami Florida on January 26th 1979. Both of Sajad's parents hail from Pakistan and moved here to the United States about 25 years ago. Sajad studied at Florida International University where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Sajad says, "I wish I could have somehow majored in something more creative... but didn't know how to go about that route". Sajad spent a good portion of his class time sketching during lecture and often drawing more attention to his pencil work than the teacher's lectures, "People would always tell me, you’re in the wrong profession," says Sajad. Constantly doodling and sketching he has been perfecting the style that has become known to theBORDERHOUNDS Team as "Sajad Style." "We are SO lucky to have Sajad on our team" says BORDERHOUNDS writer Marcello Carnevali... "Sajad is NO DOUBT one of the best independent artists out today!" says Co-Creator “Brimstone.” "I'm looking forward to watching him grow with each issue, I can't wait to watch his potential unfold" says BORDERHOUNDS inker Allen Chickering. Sajad is currently working for Florida Power & Light, which is the Power Company for the entire state of Florida. In order to quench his artistic thirst, Sajad has been doing side work for numerous clients, and was currently contracted and working on story boards for multiple production companies. Sajad says "I would love to soon be able to follow my dream by making my living as an illustrator."

Sajad tied the knot in 2006 in a traditional muslim wedding ceremony to the love his life Kiran Hashmi-Shah. Sajad says, "Without her support I would not be able to accomplish any of my goals. Her along with my mother and father have taught me the meaning of hard work and just how important it is."

The BORDERHOUNDS look forward to watch Sajad grow as a person as well as an artist. Sajad's innate ability to turn an ordinary idea into visual eye candy on paper is what separates him from the rest and makes him a great asset to the BORDERHOUNDS team.

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